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Troika Ranch co-founder Dawn Stoppiello on the "loopdiver" set

Photo of Troika Ranch dance company co-founder Dawn Stoppiello on the "Loop Diver" set

Artistic Partners

  • Troika Ranch. Mark Coniglio and Dawn Stoppiello, artistic co‐directors of Troika Ranch, were involved in the Lied’s Creative Campus Project from its conception. Mark and Dawn, together with the rest of the Troika Ranch company, created a new performance piece, “loopdiver,” which premiered at the Lied Center October 15 and 16, 2009. They worked with Madonna Rehabilitation Center staff and patients to create A.R.T., a new tool for artistic expression in rehabilitative healthcare. They visited UNL four times as part of project, delivering demonstrations and workshops to the UNL campus, as well as furthering their creative work on “loopdiver.” Creative work on the piece also took place in New York, France and Germany. In the summer of 2009, Mark co‐taught the Collaborative Academy at UNL and Dawn co‐taught the Summer Choreography class with UNL dance students. Mark and Dawn were involved in all aspects of the project, including plans for marketing the performance, enthusing Lied staff and the wider community about “loopdiver,” teaching Isadora to Teaching Artists leading sessions for the Community Collaborative Academy and forging partnerships for collaborations, such as with The Parrish Studios and The Ross. The company’s final residency in Lincoln took place in September‐October 2009.

Campus Partners

  • The Hixson‐Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts was involved both as a funder and a partner in the Creative Campus project. Giacomo ‘Jack’ Oliva, Dean of HLCFPA, was part of the project from the beginning, serving on the planning committee, as well as being the force behind the University Academy course, a crucial part of the Lied’s Creative Campus initiative. Dean Oliva ensured that this innovative course was able to take place at UNL, as gaining approval proved a lengthy and complicated process. He also managed the staffing of the course. The College, together with its other UNL partners in Academic Affairs and Summer Sessions, generously provided funding for the project, especially towards the documentary film that captures the activities.
  • Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital staff members and patients were involved from the very start in the Lied’s Creative Campus Project. Dr. Burnfield, Dr. Fager, researchers in the Movement and Neurosciences Center as well as clinicians and patients at Madonna collaborated with Mark and Dawn to develop the A.R.T program through Isadora, with the aim of allowing patients to express themselves artistically while undergoing rehabilitation. The collaboration with Madonna was mostly carried out during the first year of the Creative Campus grant period.
  • NET Television (Nebraska’s PBS station) was involved as a partner in the Lied’s Creative Campus project from the early stages in the planning and creation of the documentary film that accompanies the project. NET supported the project financially through in‐kind donations of staff time and equipment.

Community Partners

  • Lincoln Arts Council was supportive of the project and was part of the initial planning process. They did not end up being an active partner in the project, but donated rehearsal space for Troika Ranch in the fall of 2007. The Lied Center has a strong partnership with the Lincoln Arts Council, and they helped us promote the premier of “loopdiver” on their website.
  • Clyde Malone Community Center was one of three sites in Lincoln taking part in the Community Collaborative Academy. The Malone Center works with African American families in the Lincoln area to strengthen the community by serving as a cornerstone for educational, cultural and advocacy programs.
  • Community Learning Center Clinton/Hartley Elementary School. The Creative Campus Project was the first time the Lied Center partnered with the CLC at Clinton/Hartley, where two Teaching Artists delivered sessions to children taking part in the CLC’s summer and after-school programs..
  • Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center (‘The Ross’). The Ross came into the Creative Campus project at a fairly late stage, and become a solid partner, opening up its cinema for an ‘Evening with the Artists’ and also agreeing to show a trailer promoting “loopdiver” before regular movie screenings.
  • The Project Room at Parrish Studios at ‘O’ Street. The Parrish Studios, a collective of small galleries and unique shops, partnered with the Lied Center on a First Friday event, a popular gallery event in Lincoln. Artwork by Project Room artists were also displayed at the Lied for the “loopdiver” premiere.

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