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Current Featured Artist: Liz Lerman Dance Exchange — : Wesleyan: Feet to the Fire


Liz Lerman Dance Exchange ( – through their ongoing role with the Center for Creative Research, Dance Exchange artists developed the student dance elements of the first-year Common Experience programs; in addition, Liz Lerman, Cassie Meador and Matt Mahaney co-taught with Professor Barry Chernoff Biology 306: Tropical Ecology, a course that included a trip to Guyana to experience the effects of global warming first hand.

Artist Bio

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange is a professional company of dance artists that creates, performs, teaches, and engages people in making art. Since its start in 1976, and in each encounter, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange asks four questions:

Who gets to dance? Where is the dance happening? What is it about? Why does it matter?

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange answers these questions with a range of interrelated activities:

•  Groundbreaking new dance works performed by a cross-generational company on major stages internationally, throughout the U.S., and at home in the communities of Maryland, Washington DC, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

•  Classes, workshop, and institutes for people who dance to make a living, people who dance to make a better life, and people who have never danced before.

•  Local and national projects that engage individuals, institutions and communities in making and performing dances.

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