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Photo from HOUSE / DIVIDED

Photo from HOUSE / DIVIDED

Project Documentation

Video: Ohio State collaborates with The Builders Association

Evaluation Materials

Our evaluation plan was designed and implemented by Joe E. Heimlich, Ph.D. (Professor and Specialist, OSU Extension@COSI; Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources; OSU Professor, Environmental Science Graduate Program; and Senior Research Associate, Institute for Learning Innovation at OSU) in consultation with Wexner Center’s director of performing arts Charles Helm and director of communications Jerry Dannemiller (who also spearheaded our documentation process and oversaw the project website).  Our partners were consulted in the design of the evaluation process, and many of them provided feedback for the process, including faculty and students.  Professor Heimlich wrote the evaluation section of our formal final report on this project which was submitted to APAP in November of 2011 following the premiere of HOUSE / DIVIDED here.

There were seven components to the final evaluation study. The evaluation study as a whole was determined to be evaluative and not research in nature by the OSU Institutional Review Board, and therefore did not require any level of review. Instruments were constructed using the original goals of the project for the scales and adapted for the interviews to the shifts the production had made in process.  These studies were conducted to address the six ideals shaping the project and to answer the four evaluation questions:

  • How does this process affect the understanding of the creative process;
  • To what degree does engagement in the creative process affect cultural literacy skills;
  • How does engagement in this process increase perceptions of the audiences around creating a richer, better product; and
  • How does this type of experience affect how those involved understand society in a different way and use this experience to talk about their perceptions?

In addition to our final evaluation report we also provided copies of press reviews of HOUSE / DIVIDED which included comments such as these:

“HOUSE / DIVIDED…offers haunting fragments of history, memory, decay and loss…. a multi-faceted collage piece whose vivid staging achieves several dramatic moments and breathtaking transitions.”—Columbus Dispatch

“In a production that combines elements of theater, journalism, installation art, and documentary film making, The Builders Association presents a textured narrative that examines the systems, attitudes, and individuals that starred in the current housing crisis….Interviews with real estate buyers, clean-out crews, and individuals caught up in the crisis are set amid the partial remains of a foreclosed Weinland Park home….(which) give the heft of fact to a story that might otherwise have drifted toward moralizing and blame. Ultimately though, it’s the local connection that helps to make HOUSE / DIVIDED such a compelling work. Its connection to the campus area, its affiliation with the Creative Campus initiative, and the partnerships developed across a wide range of disciplines make this production something that’s simultaneously epic and intimate. It’s art that connects with the community; acting as a mirror and asking if we like what we see.”—Columbus Underground

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